5 MARCH 2021

Dear travellers,



"MTN Bushfire’s number one priority continues to be the health and safety of the festival-goers, and all those in the festival community who make MTN Bushfire so special, therefore it is clear that holding the MTN Bushfire festival in its usual format will not be possible this year. The team is confident that, with the global advances being made against the pandemic, MTN Bushfire will be able to welcome everyone back to the home of the festival in the beautiful Malkerns Valley of Eswatini, in 2022." - www.bush-fire.com


We pride ourselves and packaging an immersive festival experience, which in this case, involves a camping experience. The MTN Bushfire Festival 2021 festival will unfortunately not be taking place in the traditional format and inline with the 2021 festival format, the following will apply: 

Bookings for 2020/2021 remain in tact. However, if you are uncertain about attending closer to the time, you may request to have your booking transferred to either a relative, friend or an associate. You will be required to notify us in writing.


Under these exceptional circumstances, the following option is available to clients who wish to cancel their booking:


  • You may request to have your booking resold to a 3rd party once the 2022 festival dates are announced and received a full refund. Your request for a refund will only be processed once the 3rd party has paid a sum to the value of your booking. 

In order to be eligible for the above, you are required to be in possession of an active booking.


NOTE: "Active" refers to a booking  that has not been cancelled by either the client or the company, between November 2020 and February 2021. 

We have tried our utmost best to consider all parties involved and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We thank you for your patience and ask for your understanding during this time. 


Let’s get Lost aims to provide fully immersive experiences within Africa. With an appreciation for historical heritage, natural beauty, ecotourism and human values, we maintain a strong focus on sustainable tourism, and a commitment to provide quality, impactful and value for money experiences.

Hopefully we get to get lost soon . 


Please be safe



The Let`s get Lost Team