Show your true personality, dance like no-one is watching, be as creative as you would like to be, enjoy good music arts, culture and awesome food.

Whatever your reason may be, people around the globe enjoy a gathering of like-minded individuals. What's even better is travelling to various destinations, meeting new people and fully immersing yourself in the festival experience.

We have travelled to many festivals in and around Southern Africa through the years and the following African festivals have become  a permanent fixture of Lets get lost festivals 


The festival attracts on average, 25000 festival goers per annum from 58 different countries and has been described as a living, breathing, creative eco-system deeply rooted in African Soil.

Guests are hosted in a highly energised atmosphere of tolerance, fun and a passionate commitment to music.

Whether a Solo Traveller or part of a group, the MTN Bushfire Festival guarantees to set your soul o fire!!!


Cloof Wine Estate in the Western Cape, is the perfect backdrop for this eco-friendly and lifestyle festival. Rocking the Daisies is an eco-friendly music and lifestyle festival incoporating new innovative, environmentally conscious products into this event every year. 

With over 10000 attendees last year, this growing festival caters for all ages with cutting edge, quality music, art fields and gourmet food.

We offer camping packages to the festival, spaces are limited and can be booked as early as February every year.


This steady growing international festival takes place on the breathtaking shore of Lake Malawi every year. This year`s edition -Lake of Stars Discovery brings you a beautifully curated line up of music, talks, poetry, theatre, film, art and wellness activities from Malawi and across the globe, in an intimate and inspiring setting. The backdrop for this year`s festival is the Morrocan style Kachere Kastle, located in the Nkhata Bay district on Malawi’s tropical northern lake shore where more than 5000 festival goers will soak up the sun and fully immersive themselves in a cultural experience.

We offer Camping packages which involves quite a bit of travelling through three countries. Once we reach our destination you can enjoy a well deserved break in a relaxing, tranquil atmosphere while sipping away on cocktails and local beers.

Packages are released early in the year and guests should allow 9 days of road tripping through Southern Africa and a beautiful Cultural Festival under the African sky.


The Vic falls Carnival takes place every year in the beautiful town of Victoria , Zimbabwe. Along with great African entertainment, the influx from travellers from all over the world truly sets this small town alight with street parties and ever ready party goers.

Kick the Carnival off with an eclectic train ride to a remote location in the bush, where you can party the night away with a good line up of DJ's. The next two days of the carnival takes place at a different location where you can enjoy street food and music from top bands and DJ's from all over Africa while stilt walkers and fire dancers provide a beautiful carnival atmosphere. The various hostels and bars around the area also provide entertainment around this time of the year and ensure visitors enjoy great food in an all night party atmosphere.

We have curated a well balanced package, ensuring that our guests get to fully experience the town with a visit to the Victoria falls National Park, a sunset cruise on the Zambezi river and a well deserved rest day where you can take a day trip into neighbouring Zambia. Our trip includes a stopover in Botswana both ways where you can relax and immerse yourself in the beauty of the african landscape.