Image by Angelo Moleele


29.6100° S, 28.2336° E

Lesotho is famous for its spectacular scenic beauty branded by breathtaking mountain ranges, towering peaks, a rich variety of flora and fauna, crystal clear streams, surging waterfalls, diverse culture and a snow blanket seen high in the mountains across the country in winter.


A road trip across this mountanoues region, travellers  will come across the various forms of crafts that are handmade by the talente Basotho people. The mountains, landscape and high altitude lure bikers, 4X4 riders and hikers to explore them in search for adrenaline teasing challenges and adventure. In the southern part of the country, the Sehlabathebe National Park - Lesotho’s flagship park, forms part of the itinerary for any visitor to Lesotho offering majestic scenery.

Fancy skiing at over 3000km's above sea level?

Head on over to the luxury mountain ski resort, AFRISKI

Situated in the heart of the Drakensberg-Maluti Mountains, this luxury resort caters to every taste and offers the perfect escape for sport and outdoor enthusiasts, corporate parties as well as families. has all you need for the perfect mountain getaway. In summer, ambitious mountain goats explore the peaks in pursuit of a wide range of outdoor endeavours.

The resort comes to life in summer after the snow has melted and adventure enthusiasit can enjoy a range of adrenilen pumping activities suckh as abseiling, mountain biking, hiking and 4X4 trails.

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