Namibia is a country on the southern part of Africa that has a booming tourism sector. A country of unspoilt beauty, immense solitude, of far horizons, deserts, and jagged mountain heights, hauntingly beautiful in its stark emptiness with stunning wildlife that would leave a memorable touch to your heart. The country is named after one of its biggest tourist attraction which is the Namib Desert, and gained Independence in 1990, and has natural tourist attractions. Namibian people are known for their strong belief in their cultural heritage and profound African language proficiency. The country is known as a semi desert country and thus perceived as relatively dry... more Apart from tours and safaris, travelers also love spending their holidays in Namibia because of the fun filled activities and adventures

Namibia is the first African country to address wildlife conservation and protection of natural resources in its constitution. A whole lot of places in Namibia are natural-born wonders, and it is only wise to preserve those beauties despite the force of modern development. Many people consider Namibia the beginner version of Africa; well, it has how grown into much more mature Africa and it does represent a portion of African Tourism industry to a great existent.

The entire landscape of Namibia is divided into five major geographical features including Namib Desert, Kalahari Desert, Central Plateau, Great Escapement, and Bushveld. The most interesting part is that each feature has different abiotic conditions, and some of them overlap each other. Best known feature is probably Kalahari, with its varied environments from hyper-arid to some areas barely categorized as desert....