MAPUTO BAY - An underrated paradise

”Michaela, Maputo has dirty beaches. Please tell me where I can find a beautiful beach close by “ - Busi, a guests tells me.

“No need” - I thought to myself as I travel to Mozambique often and the beaches in Maputo Bay are underrated but just perfect. Nevertheless, I proceeded to explain about Macaneta and Inhaca Island.However, I couldn’t wait to reveal the beauty of Maputo Bay. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!

Most visitors to Mozambique choose to skip over this chaotic capital city because it’s said to be dirty, dangerous, and there are better beaches elsewhere, but given our 8 year experience to the city, nothing has been more further from the truth. ——————————————

TRAVEL TIP:Whenever somebody tells you to avoid a place - do more research and if your safety is not compromised, proceed to experience it for yourself. ———————————————

As we set off to Costa do Sol on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, we couldn’t wait to change Busi’s perception.

We rolled along the beach front, snapping and smiling at the locals, street vendors exhibiting their artwork, locals jogging on the sidewalk... From a distance, we could see fishermen on their boats. It was there and then that Maputo Bay does a slow dance with Busi, unveiling herself as a car crash of a city but also a carnival, all faded paint and joyful faces, palm trees and broken things. “Michaela, this is actually really nice” - she exclaimed.

“Why are some beaches graced with perfectly clear water, while others seem to get stuck with the murky grey stuff?” remains the question The answer almost never has to do with the amount of human pollution nearby... Along certain coasts, finer particles like sand and silt can add to the water's murkiness since they're easily agitated and stay afloat for long periods. Somewhat counterintuitively, cloudy, greyish-looking water is often richer in nutrients than clear, sparkling water. That's because that murky water is typically home to more living organisms.

So there you have it - some beaches may be murkier-looking than others, but it doesn't necessarily mean they're dirtier or any less worthy of enjoying!

PS: Busi no longer believes that Maputo’s beaches are dirty *inserts travel tip managed earlier for context*

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