Women tend to travel more often than men

With over two years in the business, we've noticed a common trend amongst our clients.

Contrary to popular belief, women seek adventure or getaways more often than men.

YES, women are more likely to pack their bags and seek the undiscovered...

Social media has given rise to the "female daredevil" - the "look what I'm doing" era has definitely played its role. It didn't happen if there's no photo, right?!? LOL

More and more agencies are offering on-site assistance, this in return, decreases safety issues women might have.

Most travel excursions, before the 19th century, were done by males.

With the development of greater leisure time, financial independence, tourism and the freedom to travel for individual and unmarried women; this luxury (which is quite common in the 21st century) is now becoming desired more by women.

There was a time when a woman in many cultures could not travel alone. Especially without the permission of her husband or male guardian. This is still the case in many areas of the world.

Women like to spend their travel time in tourist areas that are romantic, beautiful, safe and very interesting. Especially from a commercial standpoint - these type of destinations have more appeal.

Whether women are naturally "likers of things" OR have greater financial/cultural independence, we are extremely excited that women are slowly changing stereotypes that have been around for centuries.

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